Paragliding Basque Country

The best paragliding experience in the Basque Country

Paragliding Basque Country

The best paragliding experience in the Basque Country

Orio, a standout paragliding spot in the Basque Country




Recommended for a first taste of paragliding or for those with a fear of flying.

Suitable for children and older adults (please consult).

Enjoy stunning views of Orio and surroundings!

Flight duration: 7-15 min

Minimum descent: 376m

Video price 25€





Intermediate-level flight, for a more complete and extended paragliding experience.

Maneuvers are performed to make the paragliding flight more enjoyable.

Also enjoy incredible views of the Gipuzkoa coast

Flight duration: 20-30 min

Minimum descent: 376m

Video price: 25€

Vídeo 20€





Advanced flight, for adrenaline lovers. If you enjoy intense emotions, this is your flight.

Acrobatic maneuvers are performed with maximum safety.

Ask your pilot to surprise you, the best comes when you least expect it!

Flight duration: 7-20 min

Minimum descent: 376m

Video price: 25€

Vídeo: 15€



Customers reviews

Lara Perez
Lara Perez
Ha sido una experiencia inolvidable junto a Jurdan y Gerardo. En todo momento nos han hecho sentir como en casa y muy tranquilos. Si buscáis una experiencia nueva esta es la adecuada. Repetiremos!!
Igor Unamuno
Igor Unamuno
Lagun artean eta familian gozatzeko esperientzia ikaragarria!!!! Tratu pertsonala ezin hobea, oso profesionalak!!!!🪂🪂🪂
Mikel Alzorriz
Mikel Alzorriz
Increíble experiencia! La recomiendo a todo el mundo. Unos profesionales de los pies a la cabeza. Repetiré!
Susana Lopesino
Susana Lopesino
Tiempo increíble de la mano de Jurdan y Gerardo, aconsejo la experiencia, profesionales y encantadores🪂🪂🤗🤗,super pendientes de hacer fácil lo que para mí era difícil, el aterrizaje sin ser nada brusco y el despegue más de lo mismo, santa paciencia para una inexperta torpe🙈🙈, super recomendable experimentar sentir desde allí arriba una inmensa PAZ. MIL GRACIAS por hacerlo posible.
Arantza Mendiluce Ferro
Arantza Mendiluce Ferro
Experiencia increíble, a pesar del miedo del principio, me ha hecho sentir muy tranquila.. una vez arriba, teniendo esas increíbles vistas ya se te olvidan todos los males... Experiencia que hay que vivir por lo menos una vez en la vida, pero yo repetiré y sin duda alguna, con el. 🤤😍
Emma Brouwer
Emma Brouwer
We had an amazing experience paragliding beginning of September. Beautiful views and super friendly and competent staff, we felt very safe throughout. Would definitely recommend North Wind flight to anyone wanting to paraglide in Basque country!
Jon Ander Ibarra Quindos
Jon Ander Ibarra Quindos
Increíble experiencia y aún mejor la gente que hay detrás de este proyectazo. Jurdan y Gerardo nos hicieron sentir super cómodos y seguros en todo momento. Además que te contagian su pasión por lo que hacen. Casi disfrutan más ellos que los propios clientes hehe. Un gustazo haber coincidido y esperamos repetir pronto. Totalmente recomendable! :)
Alena Petryk
Alena Petryk
Very very very nice !!! I'm happy! Дуже сподобалось . Muchas gracias 🙏

Why fly with North Wind Flight?

Unique experience

Book a flight for you or gift it to anyone you want with our gift voucher.


Choose the most convenient schedule, modify and cancel your reservation easily.

Long season

You can redeem your paragliding flight or gift voucher from March to October.

Professional pilots

Enjoy a tandem paragliding flight with pilots with over 10 years of experience.

Experience one of the best extreme sports adventures in the area by paragliding in Basque Country. Plus, you’ll get to enjoy the most impressive views of Euskadi at Antilla Beach in Orio, just 10 minutes from the iconic city of San Sebastián.

No previous experience is required, as we use a tandem paraglider, and our professional pilots handle the entire flight. Book your flight and choose the day and time that suits you best to prepare for an unforgettable experience.


Choose the type of paragliding flight in Basque Country

If you’re a fearful person, don’t worry, with the discover paragliding flight our pilots can perform a calm and relaxed paragliding flight, so you can enjoy the experience peacefully.

Moreover, if you’re looking to feel the freedom of flying and enjoy the best landscapes of the Gipuzkoa coast, our performance paragliding flight is our customers’ favorite option and offers an unforgettable experience.

On the other hand, if you’re looking for an experience full of adrenaline, we recommend you choose our acrobatic paragliding flight, where you can feel the maximum thrill while our professional pilots perform impressive acrobatic maneuvers.

So don’t hesitate and book your paragliding flight with us today!

Experience paragliding again and again

Take the video of your paragliding flight on your phone. 

We’re sure you’ll love paragliding, so we know you’ll want to share it with your family and friends. 

.Our pilots will record your paragliding flight with the latest action cameras on the market, so the memory is not only in your mind.

Remember, we will only keep your video for 24 hours. 

Remember, we will only keep your video for 24 hours. 

This is your paragliding flight at North Wind Flight

1º Pick-up and transport

We meet at our meeting point where you can park comfortably, and we transport you to the take-off point.

2º Training and take-off

You'll receive brief training to ensure you know how to act at all times for a perfectly safe flight.

3º Paragliding flight

Focus on enjoying the experience and the views, our pilot handles everything to make your flight unforgettable.

4º Relive & share

Don't just tell about it, show it! You can purchase a high-quality video to watch and share as many times as you want.

Frequently Asked Questions

The flight method we use in our flying areas (Orio, Zarautz, and San Sebastian) is slope soaring. Sea breezes ascend the slope, keeping us airborne like seagulls. This makes our flights very enjoyable as they’re free from turbulence – a perfect opportunity to enjoy paragliding in the Basque Country.

The weight limit stipulated by our company for safety reasons is 105 kg.

The clothing depends on the month. In short, when paragliding, the temperature will be similar to what we’d feel on a motorcycle at 50 km/h. It’s recommended to wear comfortable clothes and well-fitted shoes for a short run. On sunny days, we recommend sunglasses to enjoy the views.

For safety reasons, it is forbidden to use mobiles during flight. Passenger harnesses have zippered pockets to safely store your phone.

Most days are very suitable for flying, as long as it doesn’t rain. Our team of professionals checks hourly weather forecasts using the latest weather apps, achieving a high accuracy rate.

To fly in our area, as the name of our company “NORTH WIND” indicates, what we need is north wind. So, there will be sunny days with a type of wind that’s not compatible with flying.

If we can’t fly due to weather conditions, we’ll try to reschedule. If the passenger can’t make it another day, we’ll refund the deposit.

Our flights are very pleasant and steady. We always adapt to our passengers, so if you tend to get dizzy, let your pilot know. If you start feeling dizzy during flight, we could be landed in less than 2 minutes.

The paragliding pilot is prepared to interact with the passenger at all times and monitor their state during flight. If a passenger wants to stop for any reason, we can land in less than 2 minutes.

This confusion is common and comes from skydiving, another air sport. In skydiving, it’s called “parachute jump” because you jump from a plane and then open the parachute after free-fall. However, in paragliding, we take off with the wing already deployed from the ground after a short run.

You can hire this service on our website. However, all flights are photographed and recorded. After landing, you can purchase them and the files will be transferred to your mobile instantly. If there are connectivity issues, the files will be sent via link within 24 hours after the flight.

Of course! Show up at the meeting point with your people, and we’ll guide them to the landing site. It’s just a minute’s walk away, and you can watch both the flight and the landing.

Meeting Point

This is where your adventure begins, from this point your paragliding experience with North Wind Flight starts.

If you’re having trouble finding it or need any kind of direction, call us, we’ll be delighted to assist you.